Saturday, July 9, 2011


My sister is in town for the week and my kids have been so excited they were literally counting down the days! Every morning Mighty would wake up and ask "is Anthony coming today?" (Anthony is the only boy of 6 of my sister's kids). Phia would chime in "Yeah, is Olivia coming?". Then we would name them all, K, E, M, O, A, J. 

Can you tell that we love our cousins?

So excited, she just can't hide it!

Best Buds

Having so much fun! 

The timing for this trip couldn't have been more perfect! My sister came just in time to help me get ready for our garage sale to raise funds for our adoption. We put K, my oldest niece to work too. She designed posters for our sale and they came out beautifully!

This is the condition of my house getting ready for the sale:

And my garage....

visit for more on our adoption fundraiser. 

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