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 My Journey To Motherhood-
I always knew that I wanted to be a mom. I always pictured it- A house full of love and the smell of a well used kitchen. A birthday cake in the oven and my children and I in aprons. Laughter, smiles, messes, sweet memories and fun. These are all images I had in my mind when I hoped for the day I'd become a mom. While my journey wasn't what I expected, I now have those fun kids who love to help me in the kitchen and I enjoy nothing more than to bake them birthday cakes! Sometimes the dream in our head doesn't match with reality. Sometimes it's the fact that the dream is in our hearts that leads us to adoption and  to our forever family.

This blog has been an idea in my head for the better part of 5 years. 5 years ago we adopted our first child. I am blessed to be the mom of two amazing miracles through adoption. My journey to motherhood has been joyful, lovely as well as painful and lonely at times. My hope is that with this blog I can express myself, my passion for adoption and also be a resource for others who want to learn about adoption or share their own stories. I will post adoption stories, treasuries of adoption related gift items and fundraisers. I will have guest posts and just the "stuff" that comes up everyday in my life with my family and friends. 

Me: My name is Sarah, I am a wife, mom of two cutie pies, full time student studying elementary education and avid baker, crafter and family gal.

My man: His name is Tony, he's amazing. I'm so happy that our kids have a father like him. He's loving and fun and just the best thing that has ever happened to me.

My Mighty Mike: Mighty was adopted from birth through domestic adoption. He is all boy. He loves being rough and being wild. He also has a very sweet side and loves to cuddle.

My Princess: She was also adopted from birth through domestic adoption. Princess is girly but still loves to play rough and tumble with her brother. She is so sweet and a real social bug. She is friendly to everyone she meets.

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