Monday, August 8, 2011

Love my kids {lunch boxes}

Well, school is starting soon and this momma is feeling excited/emotional/unprepared for her baby to be starting Kindergarten (ack). One way I feel that I can calm my nerves is to think up great and healthy lunches that my Mighty will actually love  eat. This can be challenging because Mighty is a picky eater but I hope with the fun and creativity of bento he might try some new things. My princess on the other hand eats very well and I'm excited to use lots of different fruits, veggies and fun colors and flavors in her lunch box.

We will be making lunches for 4 people in my household. We are on a budget (saving for LB (little brother)'s adoption -anoceansizedlove for more on that ) so I make lunch for my sweet man, Mighty, my princess, and myself for school days. I would love to hear what you do to fix lunches ahead of time or the morning of. Please link your ideas!

Here are a few great blog posts I've found to inspire me as I plan for lunches...

This Lunch Rox

For the Sweetie ...

This Lunch Rox

How cute is this little froggie?

This Lunch Rox

I love this idea for kid made tacos at school! Sort of Lunchables with a healthy and yummy twist...

This Lunch Rox

Can you tell I'm in love with ThisLunchRox? I will be visiting this blog weekly for great lunch ideas.

Need recipes to fill your lunch boxes/bento boxes?

I love Weelicious for her healthy and fun toddler friendly foods. Many of her recipes make for great lunch box companions like the fruit leather and dips.

Fruit Leather

Red Pepper Dip

Here are some more blogs to inspire you while you plan meals for this school year:

Bento's Mighty wants us to try:
Phineas and Ferb Bento Box

And for my sweet Princess:

I hope to make this a regular post to share ideas on creative lunches and how to prep ahead of time for busy mom's like me. If you have ideas please comment and leave your links! I'd love to find some more fun bento blogs to follow!


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