Monday, October 18, 2010

Glazer Children's Museum- Making Downtown Tampa The Place For The Weekend!

We have been wanting to visit the new Glazer Children's Museum since it opened last month and just hadn't made it yet. I've heard some good reviews for it but I was honestly in L*O*V*E with this place!

When you walk in the door there are water play stations which are very entertaining for the kids. It's nice when the big kids don't hog the balls! There were supervisors working the stations and asking kids to take turns which really helped because there were some unsupervised big kids hogging the fun. Next there was a "boat" with a "sand" digging area. The sand was actually chopped rubber which was very cool. No mess!

Up stairs on the second floor is the coolest climbing gear for ages 3 and up. The signs say things like "imagine you are a water drop falling from one leaf to the next". The kids loved climbing through. Very cool.

Plant and Pick Flowers!
Plumbing Area

Plant and pick Veggies!

 The kids had so much fun at each station that they didn't know what to do next! There was a "plumbing" section where the kids could pretend to add plumbing to a bathroom. That was so neat, there were gloves and goggles and you could actually run pipes from the tub to the toilet and to the sink. 

They had building blocks that you could configure any which way. They also had cars and tracks on the other side to make roads.

Yes, this would be My Princess! Only "supergirls" wear tutu's while climbing on walls! I totally wish they had a wall for adults to climb, this looks like fun!

There was a Publix grocery store where the kids could shop with carts and ring up their items (there were actual barcode stickers on the play food and computer check out stations!). There was a Veterinarian station. There was a Doctor station with X-Ray puzzles and more! The boys favorite was the Firehouse. They had a fire-truck and a pole. 

Inside the fire truck
Fire Station Pole. (You can actually go up stairs and slide down the pole).

They also had a Restaurant and Theater where the kids could prepare meals and perform shows with costumes and a show curtain. We could easily have spent a whole day on each of the levels in the museum. I highly recommend taking your family! If you have little bitties they have play areas for three and under with soft cushy toys and floors. There was something for all age groups. The admission is reasonable, especially if you get a years pass. It was $90 for a years pass including five family members. The cost per ticket is $15 for adults and $9.50 for kids 1 and up. If you go even twice in a year with a family of 4 you are saving money with the pass. 

On top of the amazing museum there was a gorgeous field out next to the museum. There was space for a picnic, plenty of room for the kids to run, dance, play ball or play tag. There were several college students out playing ball and frisbee. They also had fountains for the kids to play in.We plan on coming for a picnic and another trip to the museum again this month! Add a trip to our favorite  restaurant Pane Rustica and you have got yourself a wonderful weekend in Tampa! 

Playing Tag!

Disclaimer-this is NOT a paid advertisement. I am just simply a huge fan! I am not affiliated with Glazer Museum in anyway. These are all my own opinions and statements.

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