Friday, October 8, 2010

Books for Adoptive Families

Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born is a beautiful book about a couple getting ready for the birth of their adoptive daughter and the joy the girl gets from hearing about it over and over. It is a simple way to relate the process of adoption to a child. While it doesn't cover every type of adoption, for domestic newborn, or even international newborn adoption this book would be great!

A Mother For Choco is one of my Favorite books for kids about adoption. The story is about a little bird who is looking for his mother and finds a mother in a bear who has several other children including an alligator a hippo and a pig. They are all different but what joins them as family is love. So sweet and a great way to explain to children that what makes a family is love. 

I don't Have Your Eyes is a simple book about being different but bonded through love and life. This book was very useful when my son started asking why he and his sister have different skin. 

The Red Blanket is a story about a single woman who wants very badly to be a mother. The story tells about her adoption of a daughter from China. The story is touching and real. The illustrations are lovely. I think this book applies to any adoptive family in a way but especially families who adopt from China.

Todd Parr Is pretty much your go to children's book author for dealing with transracial adoption. He has several books about accepting others including It's Ok To Be Different. The book is illustrated in bright colors and simple images that make for a great read for babies and toddlers. 

This book is so sweet! Perfect for families like mine with a beautiful curly girl. My Princess has the most beautiful hair but sometimes she needs encouragement and compliments because her hair is so different from mine. This book is a great tool to help your curly girl feel good about herself.

Here is another great book for ethnic hair. The illustrations are beautiful!

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