Friday, March 18, 2011

We finally made it to orientation! Woohoo!:-)

Well, I'm not sure that either of us have any Irish blood, but somehow the luck of St. Patties Day rubbed off and we made it to our foster adopt orientation last night (I kid, I know that God has his hand on this). It almost didn't happen AGAIN. The traffic was horrible and Tony made it almost half an hour late but we managed to attend and we both left excited. I was a bit afraid that Tony would be scared off by the honesty of the director, Freddie.

She was honest. She was very honest about the types of children that are in this system. I really liked Freddie and look forward to working with her during the process.

The next step is signing up for our MAPS classes and training. It looks like the next cycle that we can do is starting in June. I'm really excited to be moving towards this. My biggest concern is preparing our children. How do you do that when you have no time line? Mighty had very little notice when Phia came into our lives and I want him to be better prepared this time around.

Stay tuned as I will be blogging about this experience in hopes that others will want to walk this path.

On another adoption note, a friend of mine Erica Shubin is right now meeting her daughter in Ethiopia!!! I am so excited for her and her beautiful daughter. Please be praying for their court process, the attachment of her, her husband and sweet Zahra. What a beautiful thing...

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  1. Yeah! You sound like us. We travelled all over trying to get all the classes completed for our license.



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